The Sensors

The laboratory is equipped with fixed and mobile sensors developed in collaboration by OGS and CERI (University of Rome La Sapienza).

Fixed Sensors

Il Laboratorio



A fixed sensors network has been developed by CERI (University of Rome La Sapienza). It constantly monitors CO2, Ph, and temperature in the caldera. The sensors can detect any CO2 variation in the near surface and can register any seasonal variation related to biologically produced CO2. The measured values are collected in a database.






Mobile Systems

Il Laboratorio




Some portable systems have been developed by OGS and can measure CO2, temperature and humidity. They are at the disposal of the users who want to map the gas emissions in the caldera. These systems are composed of low-cost and open-source hardware and are very accurate to analyze natural CO2 emissions on a small or a large scale.





The Laboratory and fixed sensors position

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